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Introducing The Buyers (Brooklyn Edition)

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Yesterday, we debuted The Buyers (Uptown Edition), chronicling the adventures of a Philadelphia family looking to move to New York under some very specific criteria. Today, it's time for a taste of the second story we'll be following, a buyer who first must put on the seller's cap.

I am a 32-year-old junior designer, recently graduated with a Master's of Architecture. I had a previous career in residential mortgage banking, so I feel like I'm extremely knowledgeable about the buying process. But I still find it daunting, as layers and layers of complexities keep things fresh.

My first step is to sell my condo in Nolita, which I am handling myself as a for-sale-by-owner apartment. Once it is in contract, I will begin to make a big push in search of another property. The buying/selling process has become a part-time job, often filling my weekends with attending and sponsoring my own open house. In March 2008, my adjustable-rate mortgage resets to a higher rate, making my current monthly mortgage payment unaffordable. My goal is to close on all properties before then. This will certainly be an interesting process, and this will be my first attempt at a FSBO.

I am looking for a $650,000-$1,200,000 brownstone or condo in Brooklyn that has some "architectural" or "spatial" workability. Basically, an apartment where I can substantially improve the layout by spatial additions/subtractions that would greatly enhance the apartment.

I recently made an offer on a condo in Williamsburg. The offer was rejected and I am sitting back waiting for the right property at a "bargain."

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