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Scarano Speaks: Finger Bldg 'Tragedy,' Architects as 'Prophets'

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After months of taking a pounding at the hands of Scarano Haters, Brookyn Architect Robert Scarano finally speaks out at length. His comments come in a riveting story in The Real Deal that covers issues like 360 Smith Street, Williamsburg's Finger Building, and self-certification to name a few. (We learn, for instance, that he calls the Finger Building, the Finger Building.) By the numbers, Mr. Scarano has 350 active construction projects citywide, with the majority of them in Brooklyn. About 20 percent of them have Stop Work Orders. The Real Deal says that, according to the Department of Buildings, "1,349 Environmental Control Board violations have been issued to property owners retaining Scarano's services or to contractors for some 600 Scarano projects."

Here are highlights of Mr. Scarano's comments:

On the Finger Building: "The Finger Building is a tragedy. It was vested under the old zoning, the DOB audited the job, it's professionally certified and in compliance."

On context: "Should the Williamsburgh Savings Bank never have been built because it's completely out of place, or the St. George Hotel? Is having a Finger Building in the middle of Greenpoint so terrible?"

On taking the blame for everything: "The architectural profession is seen as some sort of prophet to the building industry. They think we should monitor and coddle jobs. The reality is, architects are hired to produce a set of plans for construction entities to build."
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[Photo courtesy of The Real Deal]