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Upper West Siders Take Back Their Streets

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The folks at NYC Streets Renaissance want Upper West Siders to realize the potential of their neighborhood. In fact, the group is running a whole program of events and lectures to promote a greener, power-to-the-people vision of the UWS and its thoroughfares, including a big discussion tonight with urban planner Jan Gehl. But here's the thing: How does one get the staid populace of the Upper West Side motivated for revolution? Simple! By putting together a frenetically-paced video of "photosims" showing what the Upper West Side could be, backed by a booming West 27th Street soundtrack. It's on StreetFilms, and it's glorious. Just check out that before-and-after shot above. A car-free Broadway? We're sold: ¡Viva la revolucion!
· Video: Street Transformations - Upper West Side [StreetFilms]
· Livable Streets - A New Vision for the Upper West Side [NYCSR]