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CurbedWire: International Toy Center Kids, Big Rocks in Hudson Heights, Very Quiet at 'Nightmare on Grove'

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FLATIRON? The image above is part of the International Toy Center's its marketing campaign. The Curbed correspondent that sent the image writes: "I passed by the scaffolding on 200 Fifth Avenue today. Why is there a picture of an adult walking hand-in-hand with a kid on the rooftop garden in the rendering if it's going to stay an office building? Is it for take-your-daughter-to-work-day or something?" [CurbedWire Staff]

HUDSON HEIGHTS? Not one, but two emails have landed in the inbox today about rock demolition on 184th Street. Email Number One says, "There is some serious rock removal going on in the lot adjacent to the entrance to the 181st Street stop of the A train (@ 184th Street and Overlook Terrace)." Email Number Two adds the following info: "Nearly half of the tunnel entrance has been closed to the public by the construction of a plywood wall. It's really narrowed the space for commuters to get to and from the subway and residents are angry that they were not warned that this half-closure would take place." Our tipster report the work is connected to the Ft. Tryon Jewish Center which is, in turn, connected to a 23-story building called Ft. Tryon Tower. [CurbedWire Inbox]

BUSHWICK? Finally, we have a query about the state of things at 358 Grove in Bushwick, where an emailer notes the sale of 16 units, but a distinct lack of life:" I pass there almost every day/evening, and it is a ghost town. No lights on at night." [CurbedWire Inbox]