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Tracking Brooklyn's Old Movie Theaters

The "Subway Circuit" isn't something that is going to go wrong tonight with some signals to screw up the 4 Train. It's what the Brooklyn theater circuit used to be called. There were so many at one time that the Times once called Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenue "a regional attraction to rival Times Square." Windsor Terrace blogger Icky in Brooklyn offers a trip down memory lane to places like the Albee Theater, the Paramount, the Flatbush and the Oceana. Plus, updates on their fate: the Oceana in Brighton Beach is now a Russian nightclub/dinner theatre, the Paramount is the gym atLong Island University, the Albee fell for the Albee Square Mall which is falling for the big City Point highrise and mall. And the Flatbush's stage is a carpet store. The fate of another Brooklyn landmark theater, the Loew's Kings on Flatbush Avenue, meanwhile, is still up in the air.
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