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NYU to East 12th Street: Sorry We Ruined Your Block

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The sad story of the East Village's historic St. Ann's Church, demolished to make way for a controversial 26-story NYU dorm?which left St. Ann's facade in tact like a decapitated head on an invader's planted spear?just got slightly more tragic. The school's student paper spoke with one of NYU's community affairs officials about various new projects, and the discussion turned to the 12th Street dorm. Warning: those who hate this building should prepare themselves for a sucker punch:

"We were disappointed with our own performance and our own inability to lower the height of the building, at the end of the day," she said. "But we learned a lot of lessons from the dialogue around the Twelfth Street dorm that we think we are now reflected in our planning process and, in general, how and when we engage the community."There you have it, East Villagers: the university is disappointed that they couldn't get the height lowered on their own building (to be fair, it was developed by the Hudson Companies and leased by NYU). But hey, at least it was a learning experience. Meanwhile, "Higher Education" continues to get glassed.
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