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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Cockamamie in Chelsea

Today, the responses to Tuesday's reader queries...

1) Chelsea: That "cockamamie building renovation on 15th Street," as our Rumbler put it, generated a few responses. Said one informed tipster: "I know the owner. He wants to rent out the lower floors. Took me through the top, his duplex -- it's a palace. The building definitely looks odd from the street (particularly in the shadow of the Port Authority Bldg). But inside it is quite spectacular. My envy-meter pretty much broke." Said another: "i live on that block of w 15th too; i didn't notice that funky roof addition until i was walking on the sidewalk next to the port authority building last month. it's pretty hard to see so props to the spy for getting a fairly clear shot of the wackiness."

No takers on the Hudsonview Terrace renovation question up in Hell's Kitchen, or the Playhouse 91 sale on the Upper East Side.
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