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Toy Center Condos: White Dresses and Bowling Lanes

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If Yitzchak Tessler is trying to become our new favorite developer, it's working. Last week, it was revealed that Tessler bought 1107 Broadway?part of the International Toy Center and connected to 200 Fifth Avenue via footbridge?and planned to take the Madison Square Park building condo. The Real Deal got Tessler on the horn, and he fills in some awesome details while making us crush hard:

1) Eight floors will be added, with architects Eran Chen and John Pawson (of 50 Gramercy Park North fame) designing the "warm and inviting" expansion and conversion. Very classy.
2) Tessler: "It will be the most luxurious building in Manhattan. You won't want to leave the building."
3) The footbridge is becoming an event/party space!!!!!!!
4) The units will hit the market in February, at prices of $2,300-$2,500 per square foot. Take that, One Madison Park!
5) Tessler: "The key is to use very high-end materials. It's like if you wear a white dress. You'd better make sure the material is very fine and expensive, or it can be boring." Amen.
6) Amenities will include a day-care center, catering and maid services, a basketball court and, oh yeah, a motherflippin' bowling alley.

Yitzchak Tessler, marry us.
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1107 Broadway

1107 Broadway, New York, NY 10010