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Crown Heights Gentrifiers Pine for Cute Boutiques, Cafes

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The Sun takes a look at North Crown Heights today and declares that it's gentrifying quickly, especially as it is "pulling in homebuyers priced out of Park Slope, the Upper West Side, and other established neighborhoods." Prices for "numerous freestanding mansions and finely detailed brick rowhouses" are going from $650,000 to $1 million and, of course, the neighborhood got a landmark district earlier this year. So what's the trouble? Well, "the retail scene is lagging" so they're sending out a serious SOS to Starbucks, Chase Bank and upscale local retail friends. One buyer says:

"There aren't a lot of restaurants in the neighborhood...If there was something to patronize, I'd willingly spend money there. I'd like to see more amenities. People have money here. Somebody has to be the pioneer and open up something. It's just a matter of time."Indeed. Say, bye, bye little roti shop.
· Retailers So Far Fail To Follow Homebuyers to North Crown Heights [Sun] [Photo courtesy of nrvlowdown/flickr]