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Is Park Slope the Last Stop on the Line to Jersey?

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[Montclair photo courtesy of smaginnis11565/flickr]

It's hard to shake the image of the "Morning in Montclair" limo cruising the streets of Park Slope, picking up moms and driving them across the river to Jersey for lunch and tour with a Brooklyn drop off in time to get the kids from school. This, however, is what some New Jersey brokers trying to cherry pick Slope residents and convince them to hop the pond to, say, Maplewood or Montclair are doing. The new Real Deal has the scary details:

A real estate tip has been going around the soccer field sidelines of Park Slope: If you're having a second child, or just want more space, head for Maplewood, N.J., or its surrounding communities. Transplants report back that their new home is a suburban version of Park Slope, retaining its diversity and social life without most of its headaches.The average price of a house in Montclair is $700,000 and it's $400K-$550K in Bloomfield, Maplewood and Verona. Expect the Jersey raiding parties to start dissing the schools too.
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