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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1). Bonus Bouncing: More Grim Year-End Prediction (52 Comments)
"With the whole sub prime melt down happening, and 140,000 fixed income people being laid off by year end the big Wall Street firms are taking massive write offs (billions). It is safe to assume that bonus will be very light if there will be any bonuses at all.. Watch and see.."
2). Park Slope vs. Williamsburg Marathon-Style (42 Comments)
"I've lived in both heralded neighborhoods (and Manhattan) throughout my years in the city. I can attest to the fact that in all you earn the privilege of paying way too much to live among pretentious jack@sses (and, admittedly, some very nice people). I prefer to just enjoy New York."
3) Parents Real Estate Agents Happy/Sad About School Grades (42 Comments)
"People moved to Brooklyn *because* they want to send their kids to the public schools here? Because a real-estate broker said it would be a good place to educate your children?"
4). Introducing The Buyers (Brooklyn Edition) (39 Comments)
"Skip Williamsburg. It's a wasteland, seriously. If you are going to move to Brooklyn you want to at least be in an area where there are decent schools, supermarkets and eateries. You will find only the latter in Willieburg."