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Eater Tastings: John Mayer's Lunch, Ago-a-Go-Go, Sammy's Shuttered, More

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This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Above is the work of John Mayer, food blogger and vigilant protector of personal property.
2) The full reveal of Ago, the the Italian import headed for Robert DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel, gets us giddy.
3) How is it possible for a restaurant to survive if it's only open for lunch in an under-trafficked area? It's not. Someone tell Dani.
4) NYUville staple Sammy's Noodle Shop may look like it's undergoing renovations, but it's just another chapter of the DOH Chronicles.
5) When dining on the same level plane as your fellow restaurant goers is unthinkable, there's always Table #69.

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