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Crazy Renderings Alert: Long Island's Lighthouse Project

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Ever trekked out to the Nassau Coliseum for a Taking Back Sunday concert? No? Well, here's the thing: it's a total shithole. So, on the table is a redevelopment plan for the arena and the surrounding 77 acres, and it's totally amazing and insane. Newsday reports that the $2 billion "Lighthouse Project" plans will be filed with the Town of Hempstead next week, but a Lighthouse website offers a preview, with this bit of free verse poetry:

They say that every island needs a lighthouse. And every community, needs a center.

A place where everyone goes.

This Lighthouse will quickly become the center of Long Island.

It will become our "town square".

OK! Interestingly, despite all the new facilities, housing, hotels, retail, etc., they just want to give the actual arena a facelift instead of building a new one.

"This new state-of-the-art facility will be the largest, most advanced and comprehensive public athletic complex in the Country. It will offer thousands of Long Island residents - of all ages - endless opportunities to play, train, compete and simply enjoy many of the sports, recreation and exercise activities that they love. A fitness Center will provide over 20,000 square feet of the latest in sport and fitness technology. Four NHL size rinks will quickly make this complex the Northeast Hockey capital attracting local, regional and NCAA tournaments."

This public performance and recreation space will feature acres of green space for outdoor concerts and events, super-scale video and projection systems. The Square will be ringed with charming outdoor cafes, interesting restaurants and small boutiques and shops making The Town Square at the Lighthouse the perfect place to entertain clients and a fun place to bring your kids and spend the day, watch a hockey game or catch a concert or just sit by the fountain and watch the world go by...

"The Conference Center & Exhibition Hall At The Lighthouse will be large enough so that Long Island can attract major convention and exposition business. The existing Exhibition Center will be completely renovated and expanded."
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