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Meet for Drinks at Brooklyn's Smith-9th Station in 2011ish?

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There's an upside to the closure of the high-in-the-sky above Gowanus & Red Hook Smith-9th Station that will be shut down for a while: it will get a makeover and could end up with a restaurant or wine bar. The rehab part is more certain. There will be a total fix of the cruddy platforms, leaking roof, peeling paint, creepy stairways and (frequently dead) escalators, making it quite the spot to catch a sunset over Red Hook when it reopens in 2011 or so. Meanwhile, the Gowanus Community Development Corporation mentions making a restaurant or wine bar part of the station rehab. Seriously. The early react is favorable, assuming they kill the rats and, maybe, put in an elevator: "A wine bar that high over the warehouses and the waterfront would be very romantic." Meantime, there will always be Le Vue at Le Bleu at some point next year.
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