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Hotel Pennsylvania Gets Another Landmarking Nod

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Even though the effort to save the Hotel Pennsylvania on Seventh Avenue still has a long way to go, owner Vornado has to be getting a little nervous. After a subcommittee voted to recommend landmarking the 1919 McKim, Mead & White-designed legend, last night the full Community Board 5 also voted in favor of preserving the hotel, The Real Estate reports. Vornado wants to knock the sucker down and build a new office tower for Merrill Lynch or someone else, and they probably will. Like TRE's Chris Shott writes, the hotel doesn't have the support of major preservationists, and it's a long shot to be spared by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Still, the hearing had some fireworks, with some Hotel Penn employees speaking out against Vornado (hope they checked out their employment status this morning) and one supporter even arguing that the hotel is more culturally significant than Plymouth Rock. No stuffing for you, friend!
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