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Live from Coney: Bloomberg Refuses to Say F-Word

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Today is shaping up to be Coney Island rezone fallout day, and we're fine with that. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's have a look at the lighter side of the Coney clusterfuck. Our friends at Gowanus Lounge, who have filed roughly 75,000 Coney updates since yesterday afternoon, provide this unintentionally hilarious clip from the press conference. In it, Mayor Bloomberg is asked about if the future amusement park will have room for classic Coney attractions like Shoot the Freak. He goes on and on about how our culture has evolved, he refuses to say the word "freak," and when City Planning chair Amanda Burden chimes in with her support of everyone's favorite Boardwalk game, he suddenly looks like he wants to strap her in those pads and unload some paintballs. Priceless!
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