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Weekend Open House Tour: Flattened on the UWS

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Spurred on by the Wall Street Journal and others who suggest that the Manhattan market may be "flattening out," we went looking for deals. We searched StreetEasy for properties with weekend open houses that have also undergone price cuts of 10% or more. Surprisingly, many were bunched on the Upper West Side (not what you would call a marginal neighborhood), and here are some highlights.

Location: 230 Riverside Drive at 95th Street
Size: Studio, 1BR condo
Price: $500,000 ($290 maint.)
PriceChop: $50,000 eight weeks ago
Pitch: "This amazing condominium on Riverside Drive features original pre-war detail and abundant charm."
Open House: Sunday, 11:30-1pm

Location: 150 West 95th Street btwn Amsterdam/Columbus
Size: 1BR, 1BA co-op
Price: $675,000 ($1,251 maint.)
PriceChop: $124,000 two weeks ago
Pitch: "Perched high atop a most stately prewar building is this one-of-a-kind penthouse jewel one bedroom, wrapped by more than 500 feet of glorious planted and decked terrace offering expansive exposures in all directions."
Open House: Sunday, noon-1:30pm

Location: 255 West 98th Street btwn Broadway/West End
Size: 1BR, 1BA co-op (825 sf)
Price: $779,000 ($696 maint.)
PriceChop: $100,000 six weeks ago
Pitch: "Stroll into this bright, top floor, pin drop quiet home with original prewar details and you will want to stay forever."
Open House: Sunday, 12:30-2pm

Location: 100 West 93rd Street btwn Columbus/Amsterdam
Size: 2BR, 1BA condo (974sf)
Price: $1,200,000 ($687.34 maint.)
PriceChop: $140,000 one day ago!
Pitch: "Located on the top (30 th) floor, the apartment has extra high ceilings. 24 hour doorman/concierge."
Open House: Sunday, 3-4pm

Location: 580 West End Avenue at 88th Street
Size: 3BR, 3BA, 2 maids' BR, 1 maids' BA co-op
Price: $3,295,000 ($2,342 maint.)
PriceChop: $455,000 three weeks ago
Open House: Sunday, 11-12:30pm