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CurbedWire: Checking on the New Age Pissoirs, One Madison Park's New Friend

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FLATIRON?Updating the earlier coverage of the exciting debut of the new public toilets in Madison Park, the tipster who submitted the photo above decided to help inaugurate one. No luck, however. He reports: "My office is near the park so I thought I'd try out the new facilities after reading about it this morning. Turns out it's still out of order with no word on when it will open. I asked one of the guys working on the john and he asked that I stop taking pictures and move along. Since I'm not sure of CEMUSA's employee vetting, I decided against further confronting him. Maybe he was just pissed at the bad press in the Post today? (See: Lower Manhattan paper kiosks.)" [CurbedWire Inbox]

FLATIRON?Speaking of Madison Park and environs, a tipster writes with more info about the building that will be joining One Madison Park: "I live and work on the same block as the pending spectacularness that is one madison park. and it is clear where the 22 floor sibling is going to go...directly to the east on 23rd street...3 of the 4 storefronts directly to the east of 1MP have been closed for about a year - and as of last week the Wendy's joined them - the whole building where Wendy's was is now closed-up. Infact, there has been scaffolding infront of these storefronts long before 1MP even had its foundation dug - but this seems like the most likely place for the upcoming One Point Five Madison Park." [CurbedWire Inbox]

One Madison Park

One Madison Park, New York, NY 10010