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Curbed PriceChopper: Doing the Charleston

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Then: $2,385,000
Now: $2,155,000
You save!: $230,000

Rental listings for the brand new Charleston?the luxury Murray Hill building that redefines downtown?are piling up, and many units remain unsold. Therefore, the telltale arrows have reared their ugly little heads on StreetEasy. It looks like about a dozen units were chopped late last week, and we chose to spotlight the above three-bedroom listing because it's been trimmed twice recently: A token $20k on November 30, then the $210k whopper on December 6. In truth, however, it's not as bad as it looks for the Charleston. There's been some seesaw pricing at the building, so many of these units are now back near their original asking prices following some increases a while back. Then again, we suppose any PriceChop is by definition not a good thing. Fear the Chopper!
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