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Betsy Johnson's Penthouse: That's Rather Hideous?

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As mentioned in this morning's celeb wrap, Betsey Johnson's very pink duplex penthouse at 45 Fifth Avenue is for sale for $3.6 million. That's basically the whole story, but the apartment seems to have made quite the impression on the Curbed readership. Several people have written in to ask how we could pass up giving Betsey's place the That's Rather Hideous stamp. Our rule of thumb is that celebrities?and that includes celebrity designers?are exempt from most, if not all, rational thought, so they can't really be criticized for interior design faux pas. That being said, we're not even sure about the hideous tag. The problem is just the paint job and a rug, no? And Betsey Johnson fans probably love it to pieces. So we ask you, gentle souls: Is this rather hideous?
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