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SizeChopper at Williamsburg's 'Luminous'

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The Luminous in Williamsburg (aka the Finger of Richardson Street or the Scarano Finger) held a preview for buyer's last week and--hitting on a theme covered in New York Magazine this week--a reader reports back on some confusion about the size of the units. He writes:

The units are all listed at 1091 sqft. I began doing the calculations based on their listed numbers. The numbers are grossly exaggerated.He calculates the actual size at 935 square feet, including balconies, which would seem to indicate that apartment sizes at the Luminous could be in need of some illumination.
Here is the, uh, confusion noted by our tipster:

Two examples: The Master Bedroom is listed as 14’5”x11’1” They show this as 207Sq.ft. If you actually multiply the numbers they provide, it comes out to 160sq ft. WTF? The Master Bathroom is listed as 7’2”x8’6”. They show this as 102Sq.ft. Actual calculation is about 60Sqft. To make a long story short, the actual interior space totals approx. 833. Adding the outdoor balconies bring the total to 935Sqft, about 14% smaller than the 1091 quoted.On the other hand, it's only 14 percent.

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