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Dawn of the New Age Pissoirs: 'Street Furniture' Toilets Arrive

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The moment everyone has been waiting for--the debut of the public toilets that match the new bus shelters and newsstands--has arrived. A pissoir from Cemusa, the firm with the street furniture franchise, is going up as we speak in Madison Square Park. It's next to the Shake Shack and across the street from the Credit Suisse building. "Excellent strategic locating!" in the words of which reports the exciting news. Let's hope they don't have the problems that the newsstands have, which are said to leak badly and have locks that are hard to open, both of which can erode enthusiasm for the restroom experience. There are no reports of people trying to go to the bathroom in a newsstand or waiting for a bus at the toilets, but it is very early in the street furniture experiment.

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