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Dying Breed on the Upper West Side Just About Dead

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The Upper West Side may lose its last rent-subsidized Mitchell-Lama building, but the building's tenants are putting up a fight to save it. The Trinity School built the 200-unit building known as Trinity House on West 92nd Street near Columbus Avenue in 1968, and now the school wants to sell the building to a private developer who plans on exiting the Mitchell-Lama program and taking the building condo. Current tenants who can't afford to buy will be given rent-stabilized deals until they move out or croak, but apparently that's not good enough to quell the storm. Adding a touch of the awkward to the proceedings is the fact that a few dozen Trinity School faculty members reside in the building (Trinity would retain ownership of their units but the rent would get jacked up), which explains the not-quite-angry-enough protest signs seen in the Sun's photo at right. "Consult your neighbors?" Math problems? No wonder they're losing this battle.
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