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Fallout to Come from Mr. Scarano's Deal with Dept. of Buildings?

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One of the more interesting discussions today, especially in Brooklyn, is bound to be about yesterday's Daily News article about the non-disclosure deal that controversial Brooklyn architect Robert Scarano cut with Department of Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster. As part of the deal last year that Mr. Scarano surrender his right to self-certify his plans, the architect and the department signed an agreement that information about any of Mr. Scarano's alleged misdeeds would not be passed on to state regulators, including the ones that could take his professional license. The story lead gives the flavor: "The top official responsible for enforcing building standards in the city signed secrecy agreements to hide a series of blunders that led to death and building evacuations." In the meantime, a vocal Carroll Gardens blog has already issued a call for a borough-wide moratorium on new development until DOB "is re-organized, made functional and more importantly made less corrupt." More to come?
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[Photo courtesy of The Real Deal]