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It Happened One Weekend: The Trouble With Townhouses

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1) Is living in a single-family Manhattan townhouse like living in your own personal multi-million-dollar hell? Apparently it is, according to these folks who complain about having to deal with the dirty work of home ownership, without a super or doorman in sight. "You have no idea how much the garbage controls your life," says Halstead broker Joan Feldman. Actually, Joan, we do. ['Town House Living: The Untold Story'/Teri Karush Rogers]

2) Oddly, this entertaining history of the soon-to-be-landmarked Webster Hall ends with the words "Infected Mushroom." We really didn't see that one coming. [Streetscapes/Christopher Gray]

3) Like most New Yorkers, the Times doesn't know its Washington Heights from its Inwood?er, NOMA. But unlike most New Yorkers, the paper is forced to embarrassingly admit it. [Correction]

4) What's it like getting mugged in the Meatpacking District? Well, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lance Bass are both involved, Geraldo Rivera arrives on the scene and mug shots get celebrated with some lamb shank and a nice Chianti. Sounds about right. [New York Observed/Ken Derry]

5) Born and bred in Brooklyn 27-year-old Talima Davis was desperate to buy. But with her sub $200k budget, she was priced out of even Bed-Stuy. So she crosses a couple of rivers and tries her luck in Jersey City, which she calls "an arm of Brooklyn." Really? [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

6) See an architect turn two studios at 3 Hanover Square in Lower Manhattan into a weekday bachelor's pad for an imaginary guy whose wife and children may live in Greenwich, Conn. In other words, a sex palace. [Sketch Pad/Tracie Rozhon]

3 Hanover Square

3 Hanover Square, New York, New York 10004