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Evidence of Workers Working in Washington Sq. Park

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Attention people of Greenwich Village, NYU undergrads, aging hippies and small-time dope dealers: feast your eyes on your precious Washington Square Park! Orange construction netting surrounds your precious fountain! Workers are tinkering near your precious arch! As mentioned earlier, it appears that the city has followed through on its threat to begin renovation work by the end of 2007?protests be damned. The plan calls for a fence to go up around the perimeter, as well as the alignment of the fountain with the arch and overall shrinkage of the main plaza. A Curbed correspondent files this report from the scene...

It’s official: Washington Square Park is under construction. Not only are there trucks idling in the streets and materials being unloaded (so far it seems the redo will mostly require steel fencing and piles of lumber), but there are actual construction workers working construction. Workers carrying supplies and directing traffic! Areas around the arch have been blocked off so workers can hold what sound like tall jackhammers right next to their faces! A jovial Parks Department official measured the gate on the small dogs’ run while another man took his picture, for some reason! When asked what was going on, one enthusiastic worker, face aglow and eyes twinkling pointed to the ground and exclaimed, “It’s all coming up!” before holding up two fingers and delivering the blow: “In two years.”Absolutely gripping. And now, some photos from the trenches:

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