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Metal Shutter Mania: Ban's Boxes on Display, Selling

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[Renderings: dbox]

The Metal Shutter Houses (aka the Bodega Building) is Shigeru Ban's entry into the starchichtecture wars of West Chelsea, and if you haven't checked out the building's website recently, oh my. Not only are there renderings and floorplans galore, but there's also an animation of the metal gates rising that's almost pornographic in its delayed gratification (slowly...not yet...almost there...wait for it...oh God, yes!). Plus, there's all sorts of new Shigeru Ban-related details. Like, for example, that the building will include Shigeru Ban-designed die cast aluminum door levers, and the lobby will sport a Shigeru Ban-designed undulating paper tube ceiling. We have no idea what that is, but we want it. Unfortunately, the $10.5 million penthouse is in contract, and we refuse to settle for lesser Metal. Woe is us.
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