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Michael Shvo, Running Out of Things to Sell, Wants More

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If only Michael Shvo could've mentored Willy Loman, not only would the salesman still be alive, he'd be waking up atop a pile of nude supermodels with foie gras crumbs caught in his stubble. Not content to just sell apartments in the sexy new W Hotel & Residences at 123 Washington Street in the Financial District for around $2000/square foot, Shvo also has his sights set on clearing out some tchotchkes. Starting today and continuing until Friday, the sales office?located in the watery 90 West Street?has been converted to a pop-up shop where condo-browsing bankers can pick up something nice for the missus for Christmas. Remarked the tipster who passed along the invite: "Would this be considered abusing an email list? Instead of selling real estate they have a pop-up shop?" Do not question the Shvo!
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