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Newspaper Speaks Out Against East Harlem Mega Mall

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We don't get to El Diario too often, but when the paper tries to throw a wrench into East River Plaza?the 485,000-square-foot mall along the FDR that will house Home Depot, Best Buy and Manhattan's first Target beginning in summer 2008?we sit up and take notice! What's the paper's problem with a touch of suburbia (all 1,250 parking spaces of it) smack dab in East Harlem? In a stinging editorial, El Diario wonders why?with all these crazy traffic congestion ideas being proposed?is the city not worried about the clusterfuck East River Plaza will create? Oh, and what about the health risks involved?

In East Harlem, the daily volume of cars that will be generated by the East River Plaza retail development is expected to be in the thousands. This increased traffic will be concentrated in the neighborhood with the highest asthma rate in the country. Research has shown the link between asthma and diesel particles from vehicle exhaust. Years ago, advocacy organizations like West Harlem Environmental Action warned the city about the adverse effects of dramatically increased vehicular volume that East River Plaza would trigger. And recently, when the New York City Planning Commission had a chance to give a thumb down to giving the entities behind East River Plaza—Forest City Ratner (FCR) and the Blumenfeld Corporation—more garage capacity, it instead re-granted permits to them. East Harlem’s community board had rejected the renewal.

Damn them and their sense-making! But luckily for fans of Hot Topic and Cinnabon, it's too late to stop this behemoth.
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