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Sign of the Times: Mosaic Man Goes Williamsburg

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It's been a rough go of things lately for "Mosaic Man" Jim Power, the East Village artist/institution seen at right attacking his work and begging to be arrested. After getting the boot from his St. Marks Place squat last year, he has been bouncing around couches and basements and not keeping up with his elaborate street lamp mosaic work. But now, like every struggling East Villager eventually does, Jim Power has found a new life for himself in Brooklyn?East Williamsburg to be exact, per the Times. It's strange?OK, not really?to think of such a neighborhood icon packing it up and hopping on the L-Train to ride off into the sunset, but it may not last long. Even in East Williamsburg, $10,000 in Internet cash can only last so long. Jim?try Bed-Stuy!
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[Photo via Lorcan Otway/Flickr]