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CurbedWire: Something Big at 98th & Lex, Rat at the Oculus

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EAST HARLEM?A big development is underway at 98th and Lexington. Per the reader email that accompanied the action shot above: "On the south east corner of 98th and Lexington is a large parking lot (VERY Large surface lot). I’ve lived up there for about 3 years and ever since I’ve moved in I have heard rumors that the lot was a planned development. About a month ago the lot was closed and today they site work began. It looks like another new development for SpaHa? and this one could be very big." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEA?The Oculus Condo on W. 15th Street may have more terra cotta and less glass than some, but that doesn't mean that its windows haven't led to a rat outbreak. An email arrived today with the subject line "Rats Infesting the New Oculus Development": "Union protesting the non-union Phantom Glass glass installers on 15th St, complete with the large inflated rat. Seems like now is the prime time for developers doing some 'value engineering' and cost cutting. " [CurbedWire Inbox]