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Checking In: Northside Piers Glass & Brick on Kent Ave.

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While we've noted PriceChop confusion, smoky roof tar fires, Toll Road openings and parking garage operas, it's been a while since we checked in on the Toll Brothers Northside Piers complex itself. The exterior of the tower got all its glass and was completed a while ago, and work is coming along nicely on the red brick Palmer's Dock part of the project, where the affordable rental apartments are being raffled off. (The site as it looked a year ago next week is here.) The building on the left, by the way, is the future location of The Edge's sales office, while The Edge itself is on the right.

A view of Northside Piers and Palmer's Dock from the south side.

The view looking up at the Northside Piers tower from Kent Avenue in front of Palmer's Dock.
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Northside Piers

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