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Fulton Fish Market Reborn as Locavore Paradise?

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Lower Manhattan will have its gourmet locally-sourced food market, damn it, but where? The restored Battery Maritime Building will supposedly house its own version someday, but the project is stuck in design limbo for the foreseeable future. But fear not, FiDi, because a non-profit group called New Amsterdam Public wants to turn the vacant Fulton Fish Market into downtown's version of the Union Square Greenmarket. Gothamist points out that even Molto Mario is behind the New Amsterdam Market concept, so there's some support from heavy hitters. This weekend at the Seaport's New Market Building, the group will hold a test run of sorts. As for the idea itself, it sounds like a pretty decent fit for the old, empty Fish Market, no? Just get some Febreeze plug-ins and we're sold.
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