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Three Brains, One YVES: How Chelsea's Miracle Was Made

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Startling revelations gleaned from The Real Deal's story about everyone's favorite new Chelsea development: (1) It took three people to come up with the name YVES in a brainstorming session. (2) Half of YVES sold before the sales office opened on December 1. (3) YVES developer Benjamin Shaoul (also behind the East Village's A Building and squatter-booting) credits Adrian and Natalia with building buzz for the development. (4) Real-life Adrians and Natalias are buying and combining multiple units into YVES superhomes. (5) Once completed, YVES will sprout arms and legs, lift itself off of West 18th Street and walk across town to Memorial Sloan-Kettering, where it will extract some of its pure essence and bottle it in test tubes as a drinkable cure for cancer. It will taste like power, passion, luxury and greatness. And lime.
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