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Sam Chang, 'Developer of the Year'

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Sam Chang's actions speak louder than words, and by that we mean all the shit the McSam Hotel Group CEO pulls is highly more entertaining that anything he actually says. Sure, calling Brooklyn over is always a hit, but buying property sight-unseen and building oversized piñatas is practically off the charts in terms of unintentional comedy. Sam Chang understands this, so he's always been a little press shy in the past. But now that he's taking meetings with Donald Trump and nearing his goal of constructing 50 new hotels in the city, The Destroyer is speaking out more and more?such as in this Observer story about his empire. It's a microcosm of the above-described Changmania. "I'm not a movie star, I'm just an investor," he says. Not bad, but not nearly as awesome as the fact that Chang's habit of building Hiltons without actually discussing the matter with Hilton resulted in him being named the company's "Developer of the Year" last winter. Uh, congrats! And if there was such a thing as the Stucco Appreciation Society, we're pretty sure he'd have the lifetime achievement award in the bag, as well.
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