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Admiral's Row Fight Shifts Into High Gear

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The fight about preserving or demolishing the historic buildings on Admiral's Row at the Brooklyn Navy Yard shifted into high gear last night. In one corner was a surprising assessment from the Federal government, which owns the property, saying that the buildings are structurally sound and estimating that preserving them would cost $20 million, give or take. In the other corner was a group of Brooklyn officials holding a press conference before before a public meeting, insisting the buildings are too deteriorated and need to go to make way for a supermarket. Brownstoner writes that some officials tried to "press familiar class and race buttons" and "equate an interest in preserving the existing structures with wanting to deprive lower-income people of fresh vegetables." He notes that alternatives were floated at the public meeting that would allow for both preservation of the historic Navy homes and construction of a supermarket. The head of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp. has said the city doesn't want the property from the Federal government if it has to preserve the historic structures. The Feds will ultimately decide whether it's okay to tear down the buildings or whether they should be saved.

[Sketch of preserved buildings, plus supermarket via Brownstoner]
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