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Williamsburg's Original Finger Can Keep Flipping Them Off

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There is news this morning about Williamsburg's Original Finger Building, the tall building between N. 7 and N. 8 Streets that brought the phrase itself into the vocabulary. Yesterday, the obscure, yet powerful, Board of Standards and Appeals issued a final determination that construction of the Finger can continue at 10 stories. Back in February, a judge issued a ruling that the Finger couldn't rise to 16 stories because the developers didn't have the right to use rooftop space at adjacent buildings. A final decision in that case still hasn't been made. Meanwhile, work can resume on the stalled hulk, assuming it gets all its construction equipment back. (The lifts were repossessed a while back.) Opponents say "the fight is not over" and that they're going to continue fighting the legality of building. We can be fairly certain the Finger will continue to entertain throughout 2008, if not 2009.
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