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In Playpen's Ashes, Hotel Will Rise

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Even during the media storm (OK, it was a Times blog post and an online petition) surrounding the demolition of the Playpen Theater, the old-school porn flick spot, property owner Tishman Speyer was tight-lipped on what the company planned to develop in the space. In this week's Observer (which calls the Playpen a former topless bar for some reason), Eliot Brown finally lets the cat out of the bag: it's another gay porn movie theater! Just kidding, it's a 22-story hotel and a smaller residential building. But of course. It's just another big project in a growing list of developments that will change the look of Eighth Avenue in the lower 40's over the next few years. There's already the new Times building, and soon 11 Times Square and the Port Authority Tower will also compete to slow down camera-happy tourists.
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