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Destructoporn: Playpen is Now a Hole, RIP

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Condolences were missing from our earlier report on the Tishman hotel plan for the site of the neon-bedecked Playpen porn palace. This tarted-up little gem, known for many years as the venerable Ideal Theater, is gone. No more curtain calls here. Forestalling any possibility of having this property Landmarked, a big nasty piece of construction equipment has ripped it wide open from the rear, spewing brickage this way and that.

Time Square looms over the demolition site.

From this hole a new hotel will rise. In the last couple of weeks, no fewer than 20 applications for this property have been filed at the Department of Buildings. But still no renderings showing what Tishman has in store. Until they display their plan, we'll have to try and find some satisfaction in the raggedy hole they've left behind.

Where the balcony of the Playpen sat above Eighth Avenue.

The crumbling facade of the old Ideal Theater.
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