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Times Square's Stairway to Nowhere Steps It Up

It's been a couple of months since our last report on this high-tech stack of treads at the new TKTS booth rising in the middle of Times Square, and the boys at the site have been busy, busy, busy. They've unloaded a ton of recently-arrived Austrian glass beams and strung them up over that big white fibre-pod. Right now, it's a rack of red treads hanging in the air and the first of its kind in the whole wide world. Someone in the know has been taking pics and posting them with updates at Wired New York. The insider claims: "The completion date right now for the glass structure is March 31 - I can't speak for the interior of the booth and whether or not it will actually be operational." If we're all lucky they might get this thing ready just in time for that next dreaded Broadway strike.

The unique line-up of glass beams will support seating for a thousand.

The old statue of Father Duffy will be returned to the newly-expanded plaza.

The north-facing ticket wall will get lots of graphics on the glass.
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