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CurbedWire: The Birth of Advertecture, Schaefer's Rough Landing?

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SOHO?Surprisingly, ugly advertecture is not only installed under the cover of darkness. A high-level Curbed tipster sends along the above photo and writes: "How your advertecture gets made. Seen on the northeast corner of Lafayette and Prince today -- NORTH SHORE NEON SIGN CO. putting brackets onto a building, presumably for more advertising." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?For some reason, there's a clique of people out there who follow Schaefer Landing really really closely, like the whole project is some Kennedy-esque conspiracy theory. Every now and then we hear from them. Now is one of those times: "Check the following links to see how desperate investors are selling their condos @ a loss: 440 Kent #20A paid $1,210,000 11/17/2006, selling for $1,195,000. 440 Kent #20B paid $1,480,000 11/14/2006, selling for $1,425,000. Sounds like fuzzy math." [CurbedWire Inbox]

Schaefer Landing

440 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY