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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Luxury Living on That Other Island

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Location: 155 Bay Street
Asking: $592,435

Our Staten Island experiment proved tricky, perhaps because of the oddly specific asking price (we hear they'd take $592,432). The first commenter guessed $519,000, then a round of extremely low estimates flooded in. Our anonymous friend at #1 then returned to the discussion, saying, "my guess of a selling price of $519k is under the assumption that it is new construction with tax abatements and not bay street landing. bsl sells for about $400 psf and most smaller units i've seen have only one bath. i'm sure the asking price is much higher, like $592,435 +/-." Wow! Another commenter wrote: "After spending my first 18 years on the 'other island,' I must say that the $519K guess better be wrong, or the world is indeed soon coming to an end." It was wrong, but not in the way that person was hoping. Beware frogs raining from the sky.
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