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Hey, Hudson Yards: The High Line is Watching You

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On a glum day such as this, let us look to the bright and sunny future, when a beautiful landscaped walkway in the sky will carry us all through the unkempt wilds of the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Jay-Zville. Ah, the High Line, you sexy little rusted bitch. But lo, what's that threatening our precious abandoned railway, off in the distance there? Why, it's the Hudson Yards, of course, whose tangled mess of property includes a sizable chunk of the Line. The competing Yards developers have all said they want to preserve at least a portion of the High Line, but can they be trusted? Friends of the High Line doesn't want to find out the hard way, so the group is getting active when it comes to protecting the ol' upper-third. They've launched the Rail Yards Blog to cover all things Hudson-related and to keep a close eye on the proceedings. It's kind of like another big urban planning blog, Atlantic Yards Report, except not nearly as critical. Until they get fucked, that is. You don't want to see a rusted bitch scorned.
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