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Park Slope Renovation from Hell Goes On & On & On...

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Call it the Park Slope Renovation from Hell, also known as the renovation of 598 Sixth Street, an 11-unit rental building being converted to 15 units. The work got some press attention back in 2005 after remaining residents in the building endured a winter without heat among other things. Three years after the original building permits were issued, and 103 complaints to the Department of Buildings later, the work is still going on. When the project started, there only two apartment towers in Queens West in Long Island City. Today, there are five, with a sixth underway.

A new post on the Park Slope Forum updates frustration with the project:

We have been dealing with a sleazy developer who bought a building next door and has been renovating it for 3 years. He got rid of most of the rent stabilized tenants through bullying tactics and continues to think he can bully the whole block. He takes up parking spaces illegally and dumps his construction debris all over the block so he doesn't have to pay for a dumpster. He works on the weekends without permits etc. etc. We have called 311 over the past 3 years and gotten very little results.The complaints to DOB, meanwhile, which have resulted in only a handful of violations, are for a long list of things. Most involve after-hours work, illegal dumping and dangerous conditions, although residents also allege that work has been done beyond the scope of the approved plans. Here's a sample of a recent complaint:Caller states building is doing internal construction in the backyard and this is going on for the past two and a half years.The original Park Slope Forum discussion on the topic goes back two years. The first complaints on the DOB site for the project go back to May, 2005. It's unclear who is still living in the building.
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