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Freewheelin' South Village Bound for History?

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The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has a pet cause for 2008: saving the South Village. In their words, "The South Village is one of New York's and the nation’s most historic neighborhoods. But due to a lack of landmark protections, its buildings can be demolished and its history can be erased at any time." At any time, people! The group has set up a website explaining the significance of the 'hood, and the argument seems to be centered around one thing: Bob Dylan. Whether it's posing on Jones Street or playing on MacDougal, Dylan's stamp is all over the area, but can one sensitive folkie get a whole neighborhood landmarked? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Actually, the answer is no, which is why the GVSHP also set up this comprehensive map/virtual tour of all the South Village's historic buildings and locations. Pretty cool. Not Dylan cool, but pretty cool.
· The South Village: Where History Lives [GVSHP]
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