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Justice Served: Jagger 86'd from Stabilized Apartment

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Yesterday, along Manhattan's tony Park Avenue, the biggest real estate scandal of our time came to a close. A sheriff showed up at the front door of Bianca Jagger's $4,600-a-month rent-stabilized apartment and evicted the 62-year-old former wife of rock royalty, a move we've known was coming for some time. Bianca, of course, was not there, having given up the apartment as her primary residence?and thus, creating the no-no and the public outrage that followed?a few years ago. And so, the diamond-flecked sidewalks of Park Avenue are safe once again from the wealthy foreigners who dare take advantage of a little-overseen system by clinging to their outrageously-priced (but not outrageously outrageously-priced) apartments. Once a banker paying $30,000-a-month moves in, all order will be restored and our fair city can sleep comfortably once again.
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