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Ultimate Teardown Revisited: Penthouse Lives Again!

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When the glass-enclosed penthouses atop The Skylofts at 145 Hudson Street were ordered to come down by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Tribeca building became a cautionary tale of why not to buy into a pre-construction new development. The building couldn't get a certificate of occupancy while rooftop construction was ongoing, so buyers couldn't close on their units?a two-year ordeal that is now coming to a close. The Sun's Bradley Hope reports that the new Skyloft penthouse, a Rogers Marvel Architects creation built to proper height with a new design that's slightly more set back from the roof's edge, has hit the market through Stribling and is expected to fetch around $30 million. The 145 Hudson website is up and (almost) running, and those who stuck it out can finally close. There's a lot of bile directed at the LPC by brokers who lost commissions because of the delays, but shouldn't they be pissed at the developer for not building according to what the permits called for? Just saying.
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