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CurbedWire: No. 22 Renwick Goes Scotch, Edge Gets Trashy

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SOHO?Yes, that it is a bottle of No. 22 Renwick Scotch in the photo above and, yes, that is Renwick Street in the background. Which is all a way of saying that the marketers for 22 Renwick in Hudson Square are sparing no expense or effort in the campaign for hearts and minds. The bottle of No. 22 also came with an expensive book for the development, not that the print material was the center of attention. Best promo package for a development ever. [CurbedWire Staff]

WILLIAMSBURG?Across the river, the sales effort for The Edge on Kent Avenue hasn't started in earnest yet, so who knows what direction it will take. (Except that we had this little preview a while back.) For now, though, they're trying to be civic minded by paying the cost of highway litter removal. Photographer Noah Kalina, who normally focuses on other topics, sent us this shot of The Edge's litter cleanup sign on the BQE. Excellent how they use that irritating, Edgy font with the backwards E's on the the sign. [CurbedWire Staff]

The Edge

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