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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) More Hating on Hunter's Point South (116 Comments)
"All the apartments developed on this site should be market rate. It is ridiculous that this location, which is amazing, would have any required affordable housing."
2) Curbed Cup Round Two: (9) Tribeca vs. (16) Jackson Heights (64 Comments)
"I'm both a JH & Tribeca fan...If you think that's like rooting for both the Yankees and the Red Sox... it's not."
3) Betsy Johnson's Penthouse: That's Rather Hideous? (51 Comments)
"i love it. i'm not crazy about the living room, but the kitchen and the bedroom are great. the glass block and black stairs with the chaise lounge is the stuff my dreams are made of. but then again, my bedroom is decorated in a style best described as "brothel under the sea", and i've been known to zone out in the pepto bismol aisle with a pleasant glaze over my eyes..."
4) Harlem's Records are Meant to be Broken (37 Comments)
"As midtown develops more (especially above 42nd street) - the people who usually would suffer 40-50 minute ride from Brooklyn are discovering that Harlem has - more parks, faster trip to midtown, nice townhouses, 2 top notch colleges (Columbia and City College) and cheaper rents. This is just the beginning."