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Human Rights Activist & Brooklyn 'Slumlord' Having Bad Day

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So, how many Brooklyn landlords that are "human rights activists" are being taken to task by tenants for being "slumlords"? The answer is, at least one, and he's probably having a seriously crappy day. Today's Daily News features the tale of Parveen Chopra, a Nassau County human rights commissioner for 20 years, who owns buildings in East New York and Cypress Hills. Tenants are calling him a "slumlord" who "exploits the poor" and say they don't have heat, there's lead paint, the front door is busted and crackheads are sleeping in the stairs and, uh, servicing clients in the halls. Given that it's the holidays, they're going Christmas caroling at the human rights activist's house tomorrow, singing things like "The Twelve Violations My Landlord Gave to Me." The landlord, who is said to donate "thousands" every year to human rights groups, says the slumlord charges are "baseless, useless propaganda." One building has 110 open housing violations, including 15 serious ones, and the other has three violations.
· Tenants Accuse Long Island Human Rights Activist of Being a Slumlord [NYDN]

[Photo via Property Shark]